Volvo L150h, L180H and L260H loading shovels parked up on site.

Rental Options

Our machines are available UK-wide on both short- and long-term rental contracts, with or without an operator.

Short-term rental

Our wheeled loading shovels and articulated dumptrucks are available to rent throughout the UK. Machines are supplied from market leading manufacturers including Volvo Construction Equipment, CAT, Liebherr and Bell Equipment.

Dumptrucks and wheeled loading shovels can be supplied with an operator or on a self-drive basis. The advantage of SER machines is that they are highly specified to comply with strict site regulations - like those often found in quarrying environments.

A wide range of attachments are available for the wheeled loading shovels and dumptrucks can be supplied with or without cantilever tailgates.

Long-term rental

Many businesses choose to outsource their mobile plant requirements so that they can focus on their core business.

Heavy construction equipment can constitute a large cost to any business and by employing the expertise of SER to supply and manage machines clients can benefit from a range of financial and operational benefits.

Around half of the fleet is currently engaged on long-term fixed cost contracts where machines are supplied, serviced and maintained by SER. This service solution ensures maximum uptime to the client whilst removing risks such as maintenance, capital depreciation and disposal costs.

Benefits to Long-Term Rental

A Long-Term Rental, often referred to as Contract Rental, is an agreement to supply equipment that usually lasts for a period of 12 months or more.

Depending on a number of factors, such as hours worked, site conditions, nature of materials being handled etc, the optimum term could be anything from 18 month through to 5 years.

The key benefits of our Long-Term, Fixed Cost rental services are:

  • Allows your business to accurately budget on a fixed monthly basis
  • No capital outlay, no depreciation and no disposal costs
  • Removes the risk and costs associated with major component failure.
  • The ability to upgrade or downsize machines should there be major fluctuations in your operational requirements
  • Our proactive preventative maintenance ensures that issues are identified prior to machine failure
  • An ongoing machine renewal programme ensures that your business uses the most advanced machinery available.
  • No requirement for your own maintenance/ support staff, therefore reducing labour costs

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