Quality Management Policy

Our business continually reviews procedures, machinery and training to ensure that we deliver 100%.

Stevens Equipment Rental Limited is focused on delivering exceptional service to its customers, by understanding the industry sectors we work in. We continually strive to assess and introduce the latest technology, training and maintenance programmes, to ensure optimum performance of all of our equipment.

As the business has grown its fleet over the last forty years, we have maintained the same ethos of continual learning; embracing new technology and stringent maintenance regimes.

We have an ongoing training programme to assess specific sites, components and operating issues, ensuring that we are fully prepared to deal with any issues quickly and effectively.

Our close working relationship with the manufacturers ensures that we both adhere to and exceed the standard servicing guidelines, which is what defines us from the competition.

Quality is an inherent part of everything we do, from the initial contact with customers, to delivering and collecting equipment. We strive to provide our customers with a service, which meets and exceeds their expectations. As a business we are committed to continuous improvement and have established our own 'Quality Management System', which provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance.

Our policy is that all of our activities are carried out in accordance with our Quality Management System, which is working towards BS EN IS09001.

We have the following systems and procedures in place to support the continuous improvement programme throughout the business:

  1. Regular assessment and monitoring of customer feedback KPI's to ensure that we are delivering and meeting our performance targets
  2. A Relationship Management and clear customer complaints procedure
  3. Selection and performance criteria for all suppliers
  4. Continual training and development for all employees
  5. Regular audit and evaluation of our internal processes
  6. Clearly defined objectives which are aligned with our service guarantee
  7. Regular management reviews of customer feedback, complaints and process improvement performance
  8. Internal environmental performance targets

Our internal procedures are reviewed regularly and displayed in a Quality Manual, which is provided to all employees. This is endorsed, by weekly meetings to discuss and assess the improvement of all and any activities within the business.

This policy is displayed on the Company Notice Board and can also be found in the staff handbook.

Although the Managing Director has ultimate responsibility for ensuring that we achieve a set standard, it is ultimately every employee's duty, to ensure that they take responsibility for their actions. Through teamwork and training, our staff appreciate the importance of their role within the business.

Quality, honesty and appreciation are embedded into the heart of the company. As we grow and take on more business, we appreciate the importance of continual investment, to assess and evaluate our internal processes, procedures and systems.

Andrew Stevens
Managing Director
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