We’ve invested in a Simret 4000 brake tester

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Health and safety is the highest priority for many business and when dealing with heavy construction equipment it is of paramount importance.

Most sites have very strict guidelines to work towards with an increasing number of companies demanding regular brake tests for their equipment. Quarrying companies especially have this high on the list of requirements when supplying machines to site.

Stevens Equipment Rental recognise the importance of regular brake testing and have invested in a Simret 4000 machine that has been developed in conjunction with the Health and Safety Executive for the brake safety testing of heavy off-road vehicles.

The Simret 4000 brake tester for testing the braking performance of off-road vehicles
The Simret 4000 brake tester

As well as forming a part of the routine maintenance of our fleet, the brake testing service is offered to any customers who run their own mobile plant. Contact us for further details.

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