We’ve been busy modifying machines for our customers

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We’ve supplied some custom modified machines to our customers.

VOLVO A45G: Increased Capacity Skip

We recently customised a Volvo A45G, having taken a demo machine from Volvo CE GB to evaluate the carrying capacity of the standard unit, we came to the conclusion to maximise the carrying capacity of the Truck without overloading it we could safely add a custom 300mm side extension, increased height tail door and spill guard to maximise the truck’s productivity with our customers product.

An SER Volvo A45G dump truck with 300mm side extensions to maximise carrying capacity
The 300mm side extensions and increased height tail door.

The machine is now running on site alongside a CAT 745 C, both being loaded at the face by a CAT 980K. It will be interesting to see how they compare and get the thoughts of the operators.

An SER Volvo A45G dump truck with body fully raised
The modified body fully raised.

Volvo L180H: Increased capacity bucket and forward facing camera

A general hire customer asked if we could fit a larger capacity 11-12m3 bucket to a Medium sized wheeled loader and offer a long-term rental solution.

Having supplied the customer with various machines from different manufacturers the customer chose to base the contract on a Volvo CE L180H.

An SER Volvo L180H wheeled loading shovel with modified pin-on bucket
Volvo L180H with modified pin-on bucket

On studying the OEM bucket specifications available for the L180H, the largest pin on light materials bucket Volvo offered is 10m3, with our customer’s request for an 11-12m3 bucket to maximise productivity with their product we had to look for a non standard solution as the OEM 11-12m3 light materials bucket are supplied in Quick Hitch format.

We offered to modify a Pin On Bucket by increasing the capacity with a spill guard and side extensions, the move to a pin on bucket also enhances safety and performance as it brings the load closer to the machine.

An SER Volvo L180H, pin-on bucket modified with spillguard and side extensions
Spillguard and side extensions on the pin on bucket.

For extra safety with such a large bucket we added a forward facing camera and screen and grill guards & we look forward to hearing how the machine is performing for our customer.

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