We’re now a UK distributor for Blademaster ground engaging tools

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We are pleased to announce that Stevens Equipment Rental are now a UK distributor for Blademaster ground engaging tools (GET) from Con Mech Engineers.

We decided to look at GET in general and develop a business model whereby we stock and sell them rather than just buying for our own machines. We had already been using Blademaster on our machines for a number of years so this was seen as an ideal choice for our new business model as we knew from our own experience that we could sell them with great confidence in their quality.

A loading shovel bucket with Blademaster edges fitted
A loading shovel bucket with Blademaster edges fitted

We’ve been very impressed with the value for money they present due to the low wear rates which is down to the heat treatment method which gives a consistent hardness throughout the life of the blade. This means we don’t have to replace bucket edges as often as with other manufacturers products.

To promote the products we have employed Mick Fenwick who will be developing our sales of GET and promoting our rental fleet across the North of England and South Scotland.

I’ve been involved with ground engaging tools for over 30 years and have always regarded Blademaster as the best product on the market.

Mick Fenwick

And here’s what Con Mech Engineers had to say about our partnership:

We are very pleased to have Stevens Equipment Rental as a UK distributor for our Blademaster cutting edges and we are pleased that they are promoting the benefits of buying Blademaster.

We have spent time researching what makes the best edge for a customer’s application and it’s not just the hardness that gives superior resilience and performance.

Ultra Clean steels from our supplier and a bespoke heat treatment process gives Blademaster the microstructure and inherent toughness and resilience to perform superbly in the most extreme operating environments.

David Waine, Global Business Development Manager at Con Mech

With Mick’s wealth of experience in wear parts we are also capable of offering bucket teeth and grab tips along with crusher and shredder spares.

To discuss your GET requirements or arrange a site visit to measure up please call Mick Fenwick on 07468 720293

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